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Concept of mural and urban treasure hunt in Jakarta 


Graphic designer


1 week (err..... two days to be exact, but don't tell my lecturer :D)




Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Artboard 2_4x.png


This design was developed as the final assignment for Fundamentals of Graphic Design course at Vancouver Film School, Digital Design program. The idea is to create a mural of our hometown.



I decided to create a street art that is showing how I feel about Jakarta, my hometown. The idea is to create either city skyline or a number of landmarks or objects that depicting Jakarta. 

I decided to create the design using continuous line art. Line art gives this sense of chaotic, dynamic, complicated, yet simple since it is only use a single element (line). It somehow represent what I feel about Jakarta which is pretty chaotic and dynamic, yet alive and in certain level, pretty easy as well. Everything is accessible.

Design Process

Just like other design process, I started by exploring ideas, and this is why the triumvirate Pinterest - Behance - Dribble became designer's best friends :) I made a mood board on objects that I want to recreate, and find some inspiration of line arts. I made some sketches, then tried to digitised it. Since I don't have any background in illustrating and drawing (and believe me, I'm bad at drawing), I struggled a bit to create the image. So I ended up searching for a number of image of Jakarta landmarks and trace it manually with the brush tool. I never thought creating a single uninterrupted line from beginning to end could be that hard! But after a lot of trial and error, I finally managed to get the look that I wanted.

I eneded up creating 7 assets that I can mix and match or create as other collateral. Then an Idea pop up in my mind, what if these small mural became a kind of urban treasure hunt? These images will be drawn all over the city, and people should try to find it and take a selfie with it. The winner will get some gimmick like t-shirts and so on. I ended up created the mockup for some postcards and t-shirt. I then thought the name of #jelajahjakarta (or explore Jakarta), which I thought fit with the idea of this urban treasure hunt.


Please find the final look of #jelajahjakarta .

Lessons Learned

I am not an illustrator, that is why I studied to become a UX/UI designer instead. But I really like thinking about real life community events, what can we do to engage people, and in this context, to explore and learn about their city (Jakarta). Even though the brief was about creating a mural, I just wanted to explore other possibilities with the artwork that I created to expand beyond merely displaying but also engaging. 

This assignment also challenged my skill in drawing. To be honest I kinda like it, and it make me wanted to learn more about illustrating. 

Jelajah Jakarta - Macet.jpg
Artboard 2_4x.png
Making it
Final look
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