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Shine Conference site REDO


Shine Bootcamp would like to boost their conference ticket sales through online campaign and revamping their website​


UX Designer, UI Designer


6 weeks




Adobe XD, Miro, After Effect

Artboard 2_4x.png


Shine conference is a conference where Shine Bootcamp participants showcase their knowledge through the speaking skill that was honed after the 8 weeks Shine Bootcamp training. Shine Bootcamp would like to increase the ticket sales for Shine Conference. In addition, all the ticket sales will be donated to  RAVEN,  an NGO who provide access to justive for Indigenous Nations. 


What did you do to understand THE ISSUE?

This is a team project where six of us tackled the issue in three different areas:

  • promotional motion video

  • social media content

  • web and mobile site. 

To ensure cohesiveness of the whole project, we developed our art direction first. We decided to keep the present colour theme an icon style because it is already part of their branding. We played around with paralax motion and black and white photos for the motion piece, and played around with Shine Bootcamp logo to create a specific logo for Shine Conference, but still in the same logo theme. 

My role was to rethink about the website to ensure visitors has the proper information about the event, so they would be attracted to attend the conference. The mobile site was developed by my teammate but of course both of us work together to ensure all the cohesiveness.

To do this, I need to analyse first the current website, referring to some points at Nielsen's 10 general principles of interactive design. Some points that I highlighted are:

  • Does the user understand what is the event and when is it ?

  • Does the user able to navigate around the page or website easily?

  • Does the user can easily see the "call to action" button?

  • Does the information displayed fits with the target audience?

These questions became the base of analysing both web and mobile site. We started by analysing the flow for all the prospective audience/user, which are:

  • Speaker's friends and family with target to see their friend/family member speaks

  • Conference organisers with target to find prospective speakers

  • General audience or prospective Shine bootcamp participant with target to see the speaker

Based on these points, we tried to analysed the present website (at that time, around January 2021). We only focused on the Home Page and Speaker Page since the agenda page and ticket page were connected with a third party app. What we found are:

Home Page

  • Home screen

    • Shine Conference is part of Shine Bootcamp, but it is a bit confusing why the logo on header said Shine Bootcamp, not conference, even though when you clicked it, it directed to Shine Conference site.

    • The header menu does not have any link back to Shine Bootcamp, the main organisation

    • The main said "Make your conference more diverse", which makes it a bit confusing for speaker's friends and family and general audience user. ​​

Shine Conference Home Screen October 2020
  • First scroll

    • It is still not clear what this event is about. Something that could entice general audience to see or understand more

    • No talk about supporting good cause by attending this event

  • Second scroll​

    • an open letter to conference organiser. We understand that the main audience is for conference organiser to find new speakers, but it does not mean other prospective audience are being neglected as well.​

  • Third scroll​

    • this is where the​ page start introducing the speakers and we thought if we can introduce al the speakers much earlier

  • Fourth scroll 

    • The content of this scroll is also important, about the Shine Bootcamp and a chance for audience to support the organisation. We would like to highlight this more.​

  • Land acknowledgement​

    • A very important clause but it takes more space and scroll for the audience.​


Artboard 2_4x_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Speaker page​

There will be around 100 speakers on the conference., some issue that could arise from the website at that time was:

  • There were no function on how to find certain speaker or certain theme

  • There were no information on how to find out more or connect with the speaker


And what do you proposed for the site redesign?

Home Page

  • Menu

    • Add Shine Conference logo instead of bootcamp​, so people are aware that they are at Shine Conference site instead

    • Add link to Shine Bootcamp

    • Add social media links

  • Home screen

    • Since this is a team project, we decided to add the short video that shows the diversity, meaningful, and fun experience of Shine Bootcamp. This video can be shared as well through the link on the bottom right. The aim of this design is to give an impression of the activities

  • First scroll

    • We add three cards that shows what is Shine Conference about with aim to give a better understanding of the event​

    • We add link to speaker page as well here to give a quicker access to the speaker page

  • Second scroll​

    • Here we stated the iwhy people should attend the conference, including the link to RAVEN​

    • Again, we highlight that all tickets will be donated to support a good cause

  • Next scroll

    • Here we highlight about the bootcamp and also testimony from the previous participants, to giver a stronger presence about the bootcampt and the activity​

    • We pushed a bit the letter to conference letter since yes it is important, but to give a more general information first for other audiences

  • Support Shine

    • Here we give a stronger presence for the information in a different background for people who want to support Shine Bootcamp and Conference​

Speaker Page

  • The main revamp is to add index for the name and also categorisation of the speakers, so it would be easier to navigate

  • For the speaker card, we added:

    • information about their field (this is clickable and will lead to show more speaker cards in the same field)

    • Add the date of the talk (this is clickable and will lead to the agenda page for that day)

    • Add social media links of the speaker, so audience can be connected to speaker and conference organisers can be linked with them directly​

Header capture.JPG


After addressing the issue, we tried to develop site based on these proposals. Please find the video walkthrough of Shine Conference. 


This was my first time working with real life client. Regardless whether our redesign proposal was accepted or not, we learned how to work together within a team of different skillset. We also learned to think more about site presentation from user perspective while combined it with the organisation's business goal. 

Final look
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