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A branding concept for fictional open mic cafe in British Columbia


Brand consultant, graphic designer


6 weeks




Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Artboard 2_4x.png


To create a cool new brand for Open Mic venues across BC. The goal is to become the evening destination for all young musicians and their friends and provide a great and safe environment for up and coming artists to test out their new musical compositions and to have their music heard by their peer audience The target audience are young and hip music lovers and musicians in the 20s-30s age range who love new music, fashion and art and want to be part of a very cool emerging scene.


Proposed IDEA

Open Mic place are usually associated with night life, cafes, pub, rarely with community, inclusivity, and all-ages experience. The idea is to offer a space where everyone can use it, whether it is to perform, to host an event, or just to enjoy themselves. There is an opportunity as well to gather more crowd by utilising stage and space for workshops and local artist exhibition.

Introducing: the Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is a café, community space, and performance stage. Why The Melting Pot? Cause the place will become a melting pot for people with different background. The two stories place will have a café, an outdoor space, and an open stage/open space area on the second story that can be used for open mic stage, community workshop space, exhibition, and other activities. The Melting Pot offers a space for people to enjoy works by community member, while enjoying a heart-warming food, a space for people all age to enjoy themselves.

Why this format?

To ensure the space is constantly used, gather more crowd, while giving opportunities or local artists.

When the space is used constantly, not only it will diversify the revenue, but also open up opportunity for more audience to visit The Melting Pot. Revenue will come not only from the food but also from the space rent, donations from the open mic events, food purchase from people who attend the event, some profit sharing for any arts and crafts that was sold from the exhibition.

Design Process

The design process started with the background study. I studied the open mic landscape in Vancouver, what are the pro cons of each competitor. We then created persona based on our target user, and created the brand pyramid. The brand pyramid is where I defined the brand tangible features, benefit for customers, brand values, personalities, and the big idea. 

After the background study, I started collecting inspirations from moodboard and started to sketch. Since the personality that I want to bring are warm, friendly, inclusive, and fun, I was thinking of creating a logo that oozes friendliness and warmth, something with curve and warm colour tone. 

I started sketching the logo and discussed it with my lecturer and class mates, then I transferred it to illustrator.

For the typography, I choose Lemon Cake with Quicksand to support the look of friendly and approachable. 


Last but not least I created some elements, which I called the blob, that can be used as decorative element in the branding.


Please find the final look of The Melting Pot brand concept.

Lessons Learned

This is my first time developing branding from scratch, and to be honest, I learned a lot from this process. It is not about looking nice, but what kind if image, personality, value that we want to deliver. We also need to understand why our brand is different than others and how to market that distinction.

This is definitely one of my fav work and I am looking forward to do more branding!

DD49 Brand Strategy - The Melting Pot Colour Packaging.png
Artboard 2_4x.png
Making it
Final look
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